Learn how Cliniconex can help you meet the new College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Referral Consultation Amendment

Starting January 1st, 2017 a regulated member who provides consultations:

  • Must notify the patient within 14 days what the status of a referral is (waitlisted, denied, or appointment date)
  • Must inform the patient of any fees not covered by Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  • If waitlisted, must confirm status with patient every 90 days


12613679-0-graph-icon Cliniconex is Canada’s fastest growing patient communications solutions vendor serving 1900 healthcare providers daily


12613643-0-switch-iconOur Solution is Already Integrated into the largest EMR vendors in Canada, and turning us on is a simple and cost effective solution


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What is Cliniconex?


Cliniconex is Canada’s fastest growing patient communications solutions vendor, serving thousands of healthcare providers and integrates with leading EMR/EHR’s.


Here is what you can expect to learn from our brochure:


5461253-0-Vector-Smart-Object How to notify your patients of referral appointments


5461253-0-Vector-Smart-Object Manage booking notification and cancellations


5461253-0-Vector-Smart-Object How to keep patients up to date on their wait list status



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