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Short on clinic staff? Anticipating staff maternity leaves? Growing your practice, but not your staff numbers? For these and other reasons, many clinics have concluded that communicating with patients manually hinders productivity and increases front office staff frustration. Automating your appointment reminders will help minimize missed appointments as well as increase staff productivity.

Using Cliniconex, clinics can automate patient communications such as booking notifications, appointment reminders, cancellations and more in a highly efficient and effective way. Convert from manually reminding patients to automatically reminding them seamlessly from your EMR/EHR, with proven reduction in no-shows rates.

Patients Not

Arriving On Time

Or Prepared?

Missed or wasted medical appointments result in unhappy patients and missed billing opportunities. Automating appointment reminders is half the battle but supplying patients with pertinent appointment preparation instructions can often be just as important.

Cliniconex goes beyond providing basic appointment information such as date and time, and provides patient-specific instructions based on clinic, provider, or appointment type, equipping the patient to arrive on time and well prepared for their appointment every time.  The real-time patient response allows clinics to efficiently manage their provider schedules, avoiding missed appointments, and missed revenue, opportunities. Just another benefit of Cliniconex reminders.

Building Up



When it comes to building up a medical practice, time is money. Increasing billable time with your patients increases your clinic revenue, yet increasing non-billable time with your patients such as in manually reminding patients of appointments can decrease your clinic revenue.

By using Cliniconex, clinics can confidently grow their practice and patient roster without increasing the administrative burden of communicating with them.


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Missed appointments no longer need to be a part of your daily reality. Cliniconex automates all patient communication types you expect from a reliable and secure cloud-based solution. Schedule your patient to your clinic and Cliniconex will notify them by email, text or voice.

Flexible and customizable special instructions are provided in the messaging, and you will receive real time tracking of their responses. Request a Free Demo and Let us show you how seamlessly our patient communication solutions work based on the unique needs of your clinic


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Cliniconex for Highly-Effective, Automated Patient Communications

Cliniconex automates all of the patient communication types you expect from a reliable and secure cloud-based solution, including booking notifications, reminders, cancellations, surveys, and preventative care reminders.

Works Seamlessly With Your EMR/EHR

Your front-end staff continues to schedule appointments as usual. Cliniconex works seamlessly with your EMR/EHR, no exporting confidential patient data. Appointment Reminders are sent out with no disruption to your staff, freeing them up to perform more important clinic duties.

Automatically Update Your EMR/EHR

Cliniconex patient reminder solution that is fully integrated with your EMR/EHR, Some of our major patrnerships include Telus Health and QHR. Cliniconex automatically updates your EMR/EHR when a patient responds to their reminder.  No bulk exporting of appointment reminders or importing of responses, and no manual updating required.

Customize Your Patient-specific Reminders

No more wasted appointments.  Cliniconex offers the most comprehensive appointment reminders that contain important patient-specific information so your patients not only arrive on time but also are fully prepared for their appointment.

Set and Forget

Cliniconex is 100% automated and operates in the background 24/7 with no manual involvement required.  After a brief initial setup, you can run your clinic with confidence, knowing Cliniconex is taking care of getting your patients to their appointments on time and well prepared.

Minimal Learning Effort

As sophisticated as Cliniconex is, your staff will be up and running in no time.  Following a consultation to configure Cliniconex to reflect you practice’s workflow, staff will virtually self-learn.

Patient-Friendly Choices

Cliniconex provides the most methods of communicating appointment reminders so that you can reflect your patients’ individual preferences.  Email, text, or even a phone call with Caller ID indicating your clinic’s phone number – Cliniconex has you covered.


Cliniconex automates all of the
patient communications you expect from a reliable, secure
and privacy compliant cloud-based solution:

Appointment Reminders

Highly effective, patient specific messages, are triggered automatically using appointment data and patient preference, and work effortlessly in the background to your exacting workflow specification. Flexible and customizable special instructions help patients arrive prepared and on time for their appointments.

Patient Recalls

Proactively contact your patients at set intervals based on appointment type, this ensures that those patients that need to return back to the clinic are reminded to do so. Flexible and customizable special instructions can be included in the message.

Preventive Care Notices

Achieve your preventive care targets and maintain a high level of health for your patients. Cliniconex reminders can be set up to notify patients of important visits to your office for things like flu clinics.

Patient Surveys

Safely and efficiently collect important data about your patient base in alignment with government regulations. Cliniconex email or voice surveys fully integrate with EHR/EMR’s. The surveys are sent to a configurable portion of attendees in a day. We send back the report that can easily be stored for future reporting. This is a secure way to collect sensitive information, and requires less effort and time than paper surveys.

Broadcast Messaging/Program Promotion

Need to contact all of your patients or a pre-selected group to alert them of a clinic closure, a change in office address, a flu shot clinic, or a program promotion of your choice. Send a customized message efficiently and effectively and receive real-time tracking of their responses.

Booking Notifications

Schedule your patient’s new referral to your clinic and Cliniconex will notify them by email, text or voice. Flexible and customizable special instructions are provided in the messaging, and you will receive real-time tracking of their responses. Cliniconex will then contact your patient again closer to the appointment date.



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